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By using just 4 implants as a support system for a set of newly repaired teeth, the All On 4 approach allows us to completely replace both your upper and lower teeth. The posterior implants are inserted into the anterior maxilla during the implant operation at a 45-degree angle tilted toward the back of the mouth. An part of the jaw with more bone density is the anterior maxilla.

Compared to other implant procedures, the all on Four technique requires less bone density to anchor the implant. To effectively support and stabilize a full fixed bridge during a full arch rehabilitation utilizing a traditional dental implant treatment, six to eight implants would be required. In contrast, the All On Four approach just needs four. The implant can bypass jawbone-deficient areas thanks to its 45 degree angle. This method produces substantially quicker healing and rehabilitation since it is less invasive than the standard treatment. We have more design freedom when using fewer implant fixtures to create the ideal replacement teeth.

Treatment Steps

Step 1: Free Consultation

Before starting any dental operation, a complimentary consultation is offered. During your appointment, Northwestern will design a treatment strategy that is unique to you.

We will take a 3D image of your jaw and select the functional and esthetic features of your new teeth, such as bite replacement and dental crown length.

The precise placement of each implant will next be determined using a surgical template and a simulation of the mouth created with 3D imaging software.

At this appointment, we will go over exactly how much your treatment will cost so that you are never met with fees that surprise you. 

Step 2: Pre Procedure Exam

You will finalize your treatment plan and begin getting ready for the procedure once you decide that you are ready to move forward with it. You may schedule the procedure when we have finished the examination.

Step 3: Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure

The magic happens on this particular day. You will receive a temporary set of teeth that feel, function, and look like your real teeth once we firmly implant your full mouth of dental implants. The time will also be used to perform any further procedures you might need, such as tooth extraction or bone shaping.

Step 4: Post Procedure Check Ups

Remember that there is a period of recovery following your procedure. Patients will typically be put on a diet of soft foods for weeks to months as the implants heal.

Typically, patients will stop by for several checkups during this time so that we can make sure that everything is properly healing.

You will not be charged any additional fees for post-op checkups. 

Step 5: Your New Teeth

The temporary teeth are replaced with your new permanent teeth once the dental implants have established and your mouth has recovered completely. Three months after the implants are first inserted, this process takes place. This procedure ought to have a quick and painless recovery period.

To restore missing teeth, there are numerous different restoration options available. Dental implants, bridges, and dentures are some of these operations. We’ll assist you in weighing the advantages and drawbacks of each of these therapeutic approaches.

The optimal solution to replace missing teeth are dental implants because of their durability, lifespan and aesthetic appearance. The downfall is that one implant with a crown costs $3000+. Such costs can quickly accumulate if the patient needs dental implant replacements for their entire mouth. Although dentures are more affordable, they have a worse reputation, are inconvenient, have a higher chance of causing irritation to the mouth and gums, and require maintenance of cleaning and removal. “All on 4“ implants, “teeth tomorrow” and “All on 6” implants are options that combine the functionality of implants with the cost of affordable dentures. These methods use only 4-6 implants for the entire arch of teeth instead of 8 making them more cost effective and offering a shorter recovery period. 


How Denture Implant Restoration Works

Through surgery, a zirconia or titanium implant is inserted into the jaw. As it fuses with the bone, this implant serves as the replacement tooth’s functional root. Just a few implants can support an arch with up to 16 teeth. The same sturdiness and cosmetic appeal of an implant supported repair are available at a lower cost.

If you opt for the all-on-4 method, just 4 implants—two in the front of the mouth and two in the back—will be used to support a whole arch of teeth. While the posterior implants are situated at a 45 degree angle to prevent the need for a bone graft, the anterior implants are positioned directly into the jaw. When a patient lacks enough bone density to fully support posterior implants, bone transplants are frequently employed. An angled placement avoids the need for grafting, simplifying the process and lowering costs.

New Teeth in a Day

The advantage of choosing a pair of implant-supported dentures is that you can have a single or double arch delivered to your home the same day as your operation. You’ll walk out of our office with a completely restored grin. These implants are transitory, though, as there is no quick way to achieve osseointegration. The treatment is not finished until the implants have bonded to the bone. The duration of this process may be months. The implants are bonded to the long-term repairs.

We need to trace your jawbone using 3D imaging technology and make temporary dentures so that you can choose a same-day procedure. We suggest that you check to see if the practice has the equipment required for a same-day operation because many clinics are in the midst of updating their office technology.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The final price of same day dentures is affected by several different factors including the location of the office and whether or not any additional treatments such as bone shaping and tooth extraction are necessary. A single arch of implant supported dentures range from 30K- 50K. It seems expensive but is much less costly than reconstructing and replacing each tooth individually. These arches also provide more longevity and durability than removable dentures.

The optimal solution for complete arch replacement or full mouth reconstruction is implant- supported dentures. If you are interested in a procedure such as “All on Four,” please schedule a consultation with our office. You may have already experienced bone loss that must receive treatment before a full mouth reconstruction if you currently have removable dentures. We must thoroughly evaluate your jaw bone and make sure it is healthy in order to determine whether or not you are a candidate for implant- supported dentures. 

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