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If you chip a tooth while playing sports or bite down on your tongue as the result of an automobile accident, it’s important to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible. Doing so can prevent further complications and ensure your teeth and mouth stay healthy. The team at Northwestern Dental Group in Niles, Vernon Hills, Skokie, Gurnee, Arlington Heights, Deerfield, and Hawthorne Commons, Illinois, proudly offers emergency dental care to patients of all ages. If you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, call the office, or simply walk in during normal business hours. 

Emergency dental care is a branch of oral health focused on addressing problems with your teeth, gums, tongue, and surrounding support structures that require immediate treatment. If you bite your cheek or tongue while eating, you can rinse your mouth out with cool tap water and apply an ice pack to the affected area.

However, more serious injuries like a broken or knocked-out tooth require the assistance of a professional right away. Making it to the offices of Northwestern Dental Group within an hour of your accident could mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth permanently. 

Emergency dental care is incredibly versatile and addresses a wide range of issues, including:

  • Severe toothaches
  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Partially dislodged teeth
  • Broken braces wires
  • Lost crowns

You might also benefit from emergency dental care if you develop an oral abscess or you suffer an intraoral injury that won’t stop bleeding.

If you lose a permanent tooth as the result of a fall at work, a sports-related injury, or an automobile accident, it’s important to stay calm and act quickly.

First, pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse it with cool tap water to clean any dirt or debris. You should also make sure to avoid touching the roots. After rinsing your tooth, try and place it back in the socket. If it won’t stay in place, the team recommends placing it in a glass of milk or tucking it into your cheek. Next, call the team at Northwestern Dental Group and explain what happened. They may be able to provide you with additional tips on your way to the office.

The team sets aside time for same-day appointments and will get you in right away. If at all possible, try to make it to the office within 30-60 minutes of your initial injury. 

Accidents and injuries happen, but you can significantly lower your risk by wearing a mouthguard. This is particularly true if you play contact sports like hockey or football, or you enjoy skateboarding or biking. In addition, you can lower your risk of toothaches and abscesses by practicing good oral hygiene.

If you or a loved one requires emergency dental care, call the office at Northwestern Dental Group or simply walk-in during normal business hours. 

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